The 15 – 150 Challenge

Commit to ongoing time to work ON your business, not IN it

Commit to 15 minutes a week of planning with guided prompts on how to spend your time

Commit to one monthly live discussion on topics related to the future growth of your business

Make a time and financial commitment to growing your business

Take the challenge with a cohort of your peers and hold each other accountable

Check out the video below for more information:

15 – 150 Challenge

Yes, I’m ready!  Sign me up for the 15-150 Challenge.  I want to be connected with my peers for a monthly peer group/accountability call and subscribe to the Five for Friday videos and newsletter.  I commit to taking on the challenge and holding myself and my peers accountable for their challenge.

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Ready to make the commitment to spending 15 minutes a week and 90 minutes a month on planning for a successful future? 

What’s included:

  • One LIVE 90 minute monthly facilitated meeting focused on topics relevant to growing your business
  • Monthly goal setting with the peers in your cohort
  • Weekly Five for Friday Newsletter (and video) focused on signals of change for small business owners
  • Prompts and reminders to focus on 15 minutes a week of short term goal setting and completion
  • Access into the private Small Together Community full of like-minded, future-focused business owners
    • Private group chat for your peer group members
    • Opportunity to connect with others in other peer groups in the Small Together Community
    • Ongoing tracking of your 15-150 progress



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Cancel at any time regardless of your commitment (monthly or annually)

I’m ready for the 15 part of 15-150

Sign me up for Five for Friday videos and newsletter and I will commit to 15 minutes a week of planning and goal setting.

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Not quite ready to commit to the 90 minute monthly meeting?  Start slow with the 15-minutes a week commitment.  You will receive the weekly Five for Friday newsletter and a PDF tracker to monitor your 15-minute a week commitment.





Cancel at any time, regardless of your commitment (monthly or annually)