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Why do I need digital marketing?

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A few tips

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Social Media Marketing

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A few more tips

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Are you skeptical when it comes to digital marketing?

Do you wonder whether the time and money you’re spending (or think you should be spending) is really worth it?  Or are you not even sure how to get started in the world of digital marketing in general?  Then let me walk you through the basics.  Don’t worry – I’m not a digital marketer and I’m not trying to sell you any digital marketing services.  I am a market researcher and your tour guide on this free audio course.  Join me as I share some data with you about the use of digital marketing, different types of digital marketing, and some ways to begin navigating this world for your business.  Each audio lesson also has a written version if you prefer to read rather than listen.  And the lessons are each about five minutes long, with an extra five-minute assignment to do yourself at the end.  Click on the photo to the right or on the Welcome button above to get started!