Business Owner Roundtable Groups

Facilitated monthly meetings focused on growth and goal setting

I’ve found much success in being a part of Kelly’s group because it’s a set-aside time to focus on whatever is top of mind at that moment.

We have all heard it, you need to take time to work on your business not in your business.  The group creates a focus for me and helps me hold myself accountable for the things I should be doing.

Meeting with other small business owners helps keeps focus on growth, provides insight that I would not otherwise receive, and encourages me. I always leave those meetings with ideas, inspiration, and feeling like I have friends who get it.

It’s beneficial to hear from the group what their experiences have been with similar but ultimately different situations to help us gain perspective for how we might reframe how we look at and address our own problems. Through this process, we’re able to look for opportunity or focus on growth.

- Member Testimonials

Future Together – Western WI

The Western Wisconsin Business Owner Roundtable Group meets for a half-day each month in the Eau Claire area.

Members are from non-competing, non-referring businesses and focus on experience sharing to aid in executive problem solving.  As a licensed facilitator, I keep the group on schedule, making sure all discussions are relevant and no one person dominates the discussion.

This roundtable process helps business owners discuss sensitive issues about work with peers rather than employees or family members.  Participants gain insight through experience sharing that helps address problems and identify opportunities.  The group members hold each other accountable when making difficult decisions, but ease the process by emphasizing sharing similar experiences and not giving advice.  Group members develop trusted relationships to share both business and personal issues.

Some of the top issues that get discussed in this group include hiring, firing, succession planning, financial planning, difficult customers, marketing, and more.  

Members are expected to commit to attending as many of the meeting in a year as possible, as the value of the group comes from its members.

Contact Kelly to see if there are any openings in this group.

Future Together – Rural Groups

Rural Business Owner Roundtable Groups meet once a month for 90 minutes via Zoom, and may also meet in person a couple times a year, depending on locations.  These groups follow the PeerSpectives Roundtable SystemTM that emphasizes confidentiality and honest communication among members whether in person or virtually.  All meetings are live and nothing is recorded.

Similar to the in person groups, business owners who join a virtual group meet with the same group of 6-8 small business owners every month to focus on problem solving, address urgent issues with the support and feedback from your peers, and find new ways to grow the business.  Business owners are running a small business in a small town, and benefit from connecting with other in the same situation but a different geographic location.

Members are from non-competing, non-referring businesses.  This is not a networking group; it is a group focused on growing your business through the accountability and support of your fellow business owners.  As your licensed facilitator, I make sure meetings start and end on time, that they don’t turn into a group complaint session, and that no one person dominates the converation.  I bring in guest speakers to discuss topics of interest based on the feedback from the group.

Consider the benefit that perspectives from other business owners of similar size businesses in similar size towns could bring to these meetings.  Learn from your group members, and share your own experiences so others can learn from you as well.

meeting room for business owner roundtable group