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Maybe you’ve worked with me before and want to follow up…

Maybe you’re looking for an unbiased view of your next steps…

Or maybe you’re not sure what your next steps should look like…


Let me help!

Book a one hour “Pick My Brain” session with me below and we will focus on your top concern.


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Some ways to spend that hour:

  • “Where are my customers?” A discussion on some new ways to get in front of new customers

  • “Where are some new customer types?” A discussion on potential new customer markets to consider

  • “What are some next steps for my business?” A conversation on where you are today and what some options to move you forward might be

  • “What do you think of this?” A discussion if you are looking for an outsider’s perspective on a business or marketing decision

  • “Where can I find information on…” A conversation if you are struggling to find research to support your sales or marketing goals

Pick My Brain sessions include:

  • 60-minute Zoom call 

  • Documentation of websites found and other resources used or discussed during our call

  • Next Steps Wrap-Up for clarity and to set action items for the last 5 minutes of the call

Option 1: 

Quick Question (QQ)

One 1-hour session at $149


Option 2:

Still Struggling (SS)

Two sessions across 1-2 months:  $278 

Save 7% over QQ Hourly Rate

Option 3:

Consistent Check-ins (CC)  

One one-hour session per month for 6 months $749 

Save 15% over QQ hourly rate

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