Rural Challenges

Let's talk about some of the benefits and challenges of running a small business in a small town.

Here is what we'll cover during this discussion:

  • How are small businesses in small towns different than in bigger metros?
  • What are some top challenges?
  • How can you grow your business in a region that's shrinking?
  • What are the benefits of connecting regularly with business owners in a similar situation - but a different location?

This discussion is for YOU if you are:

  • A B2B business owner
  • Located in a small town
  • Serving customers outside of your region
  • Making from ~$1M to $10M in annual revenue

Compare challenges and wins with other small business owners from other rural areas who can really relate to your situation as you all work to sustain and grow your businesses!

Presented by

Kelly Berry

May 16, 2024
1:00pm Central Time

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