The Skeptical Marketer Workshop

What’s standing in your way of revamping your marketing plan?

If I had to guess, I’d say time and money


Did I guess right?


Time and money are the two key issues impacting small businesses like yours in their attempts to improve their marketing plans.  And of course the third issue is not being sure what exactly to do next, or differently, than what you are already doing.

This is where I come in.  If you’ve listened to my Digital Marketing for Skeptics audio course, you know that I have worked with hundreds of small businesses like yours (B2B, under 100 employees, limited team and budget for marketing).  And I have seen the issues that you deal with as the rules and algorithms constantly change in the world of online marketing.  The statistics I shared in the audio course make it clear that the online world is not very small-business friendly, especially if you aren’t only selling locally.

But there are ways to make connections with potential customers online, as offered with my six tips from the audio course.

Let’s dig into them a little deeper and apply them specifically to your business and your customers.

My Skeptical Marketer Workshop is designed to take you on a step-by-step process to help you get in front of your customers and to help them find you.  Learn more about the details below to see if it’s a good fit for you and your small business.


The Skeptical Marketer

Is it a good fit for your business?

Ready to find new ways to connect with your target customers or make it easier for them to find you online?

Learn More about the Workshop

Over the past couple years, I have been working with small B2B businesses across the country, listening to their concerns and working with digital marketing specialists to help these companies become more visible to their customers.  Many of my insights were shared in the Digital Marketing for Skeptics course you just completed.

But the real challenge is implementing the tips shared in the course.

I’d like you to join me for a more in-depth workshop that can slowly walk you through the steps of revamping your marketing plan.  This workshop starts where the audio class ended, by going through the six tips for improving your online presence.

If you are serious about wanting to make some changes to your marketing, then I hope you will consider joining me on this path.

A warning:  This workshop is meant for business owners. 

Sure, you might have someone on board to help you with your digital marketing.  Or maybe a college intern to keep your business active on social media.

But this workshop requires your brain, your knowledge of what makes your business special and what types of customers you’d like to attract.

You can’t implement a marketing plan if you don’t know the company goals for business growth.  You can’t connect with potential customers without really understanding the issues of your existing customers.  And no one knows these things as well as you.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll have a much clearer idea of where you should be focusing your efforts in order to find new customers – or to help them find you.  Then you can turn things over to someone else to deal with the specifics.

Research-driven marketing planning

As I’ve stated before, I am not a digital marketer.  I am a market researcher.  Let my research-driven methods help guide you step-by-step to create a realistic, data-driven process for increasing your online visibility.

The Skeptical Marketer Workshop builds on the six tips from the Digital Marketing for Skeptics course.  Each lesson comes with a worksheet to help you do your own research specific to your own company as you follow the Workshop.

Each week, I will share one lesson and one worksheet.  You can follow the course and keep up with the weekly path for the full seven weeks of the course – or you can get to it on your own time schedule.  All the lessons and worksheets will be available online to you once you register.

What to expect from The Skeptical Marketer Workshop

Lesson 1 establishes your baseline for marketing:

  • Where are customers finding you now?
  • How effective are your current marketing tactics?
  • What is your return on your marketing budget?
  • What does your online presence look like?
  • Do you have a customer friendly website?

Lesson 2 focuses on research to clearly define your target market(s):

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • How many are out there?
  • Where can you find them?
  • What tools exist online to help you answer these questions?
  • What does the typical purchase process look like for your customers?

Lesson 3 shares some ways to create content that will draw in customers:

  • How do you find topic ideas?
  • Where can you find content to share?
  • What tools are out there to manage this process?
  • How and where should you be sharing content?
  • How can you best match your messaging to your target customers?

Lesson 4 discusses ways to find customers online (and offline) where they already are:

  • Where do your customers currently get their information online?
  • What meetings or events do they attend online and in person?
  • What tools are out there to find new ways to connect with your customers?
  • How do you get in front of these customers without appearing ‘creepy’ or too sales-focused?
  • What are some ways to keep track of customer concerns you can address in future messages?

Lesson 5 addresses the fact that not every targeted customer is ready to buy from you:

  • Where can you find news that is relevant to your customers or their industry?
  • What news stories might be an indicator that someone is ready to buy?
  • How can you track these news stories?
  • What tools can help in managing this process?
  • How can you find time for this?

Lesson 6 looks into ways to make the personal connections you know are key to selling:

  • How can you become more approachable to potential new customers?
  • What tools and resources can you use to get your own messaging out there for potential customers to find you?
  • How much time should you spend on inbound vs outbound marketing?
  • How can your existing customers help you find new customers?
  • What are some methods for direct outreach to targeted customers?

Lesson 7 wraps things up and pulls it all together:

  • What is a reasonable budget?
  • Who will be taking the implementation tasks on?
  • What does the sales funnel look like?
  • How can you pivot your messaging or audience as you learn more?

And – in addition to the Seven Week Workshop, you will also be invited into the private Small Together Community of small business owners.  This online community include others like you, who are taking The Skeptical Marketer Workshop, so you can compare notes with them as you work through the workshop assignments together.  It also provides you access to ongoing live Q&A Sessions with me and the other workshop registrants to dig deeper into the concepts as they apply more specifically to your business.

The Small Together Community also offers its own benefits for small business owners, and when you sign up for the Workshop you are also getting access to the Community for one year.  This includes weekly curated news stories relevant to small business owners, quarterly live discussions on topics that could impact your business, ongoing webinars from experts in their industry, and access to an online community of people just like you, working to grow their business and support other small business owners along the way!

Are you ready to get going with this opportunity?

Enrollment for The Skeptical Marketer Workshop is open, and the Workshop will be available for pre-launch customers only very soon.

This workshop is launching to the public in the beginning of 2023 for $495.

But the pre-launch price for those joining early is just $249 – that’s about fifty percent off!

What do you get for the pre-launch price?

  • A huge discount for getting in early
  • Access to the workshop before the public launch to get an early start on your marketing plan
  • One-on-one access to me as you work through your own business marketing planning process – so I can help you and so you can help me to finetune the course before the public launch

PLUS – the same features that all Workshop Customers receive:

  • A one-year subscription to the Small Together private online community
  • Live monthly Q&A events to discuss the concepts in the workshop and how to apply them to your business
  • Quarterly webinars and other online events geared toward small businesses, from my team of experts

AND – if after 30 days, you decide you’re not happy with the Workshop and the Small Together Community, let me know and I will return your money.

THINK about how much you are spending on marketing right now.

Consider this workshop an INVESTMENT to ensure that your future marketing dollars are being spent much more intentionally.

Ready to sign up?  Click anywhere on this page to add your name to the pre-launch list.

Have more questions?  Contact me to discuss.

I’m Kelly Berry, your instructor, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure to tackle your marketing issues!