Speaking and Writing

For Small Business Organizations and Owners




  • Future Proof Your Small Business
    • For small business owners
    • Workshop, talk or webinar format
    • Interactive session using Futures Thinking techniques
  • Digital Marketing for Skeptics
    • Focused on businesses with limited time & budget for marketing
    • Easy to implement, easy to understand steps for marketing
    • Workshop or websinar format
  • Don’t Ask Your Mom: How to Validate Your Idea Through Market Research
    • For start-ups or businesses adding a new service or product
    • Workshop format or webinar format
    • Can include one-on-one coaching
  • Time for Business Self Reflection? Try the Business Model Canvas
    • For entrepreneurs or small business owners with existing businesses
    • Workshop format with a focus on strategic planning
    • 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on Q&A and discussion

        Hands-On Workshops & Talks

        Interested in having me speak at your event or to your business? I love serving as a trainer and facilitator to help your small business find new ways to grow and new methods for prioritizing strategy and marketing.  Contact me for a free consultation to learn more.