Virtual Business Owner Roundtable Groups

Growth-focused small business owners benefit from ongoing roundtable sessions with their peers.  Learn more about what’s included in business owner roundtable groups (BORGs) run through Learn Start Grow.

Monthly Meetings

Meet online for 90 minutes each month with your peers.  You meet with the same group of five to nine business owners monthly for a 90 minute virtual meeting focused on problem solving, goal setting and accountability.  Kelly Berry is your professional facilitator, making sure that everyone has a chance to speak, no one dominates the conversation and everyone stays on topic.

Private Online BORG Community

You will be invited into a private community with your fellow BORG members.  This allows you to communicate with them through the community platform – either group messages or direct messages to any one member of your group.  Keep the momentum going between meetings!  Hold each other accountable.  Hop off the hamster wheel now and again to connect with your peers.
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Small Together Online Community

And more!  You also gain access to the larger Small Together Community, with the opportunity to meet other small business members outside of your small BORG.  Join in on group discussions, participate in facilitated future-focused conversations and take advantage of weekly curated news videos.  The private Small Together Community has an annual subscription fee of $499, but as a member of a virtual BORG, your subscription is already included!

Virtual BORGs

Roundtable groups work best when the businesses in the group share some similarities.  All members should be growth-minded and committed to the monthly meetings.  Groups are forming now in three different areas.  Contact Kelly to learn more and see if there is an opening.

B2B Industrial
Industrial B2B business owners with <50 employees.  The B2B world is different than B2C.  Join non-competing product or service companies that serve other businesses and focus on growth.
Direct to Consumer
Individuals or small businesses selling D2C with non-competing products.  Share your experiences and learn from others.  This is a unique group of individuals finding a way to cater to the ever changing D2C world.
Running a business on your own, with plans to grow in revenue but not in employees?  Join this group for inspiration, for comparing notes and for pushing you to keep growing revenue in new ways.