Your ROI Club

Does this sound like you?

You are always pressed for time

You need to grow your business and your revenue…

You know that you should be focusing on the future of your business, but aren’t sure how or where to get started…

  • You don’t have time to read business strategy books.
  • You don’t have the discretionary budget to hire a consultant.
  • You don’t have anyone on staff focused on strategic growth.

But the world is changing around you and changing fast.

What was true about running your business only two years ago is now ancient history and will be entirely different in two years.

  • Generative AI is evolving so rapidly few people understand the implications for small businesses
  • Global climate change is forcing change among big businesses, which will be trickling down to your business and your carbon footprint
  • Demographic changes are making it challenging to train and hire a cohesive team

Are you ready?

What if you could take action on your future business growth in only 15 minutes a week?

You start by anchoring your growth focus with a monthly call with business peers on future-focused topics relevant to small business owners. 

You carry that momentum into weekly action steps. 


Introducing YOUR ROI CLUB

Thanks to the power of compound interest, those small investments of time can return huge rewards in growing your business.

How does it work? When you join Your ROI Club, you will:

  • Set future-focused goals with assistance from small business experts who share their wisdom with ROI Club members monthly
  • Attend monthly sessions live with your peers – or watch the recording on your own time when you can’t make it
  • Create a habit of completing one small task a week that is growth-focused rather than operational
  • Give and receive support and encouragement with other micro-business owners
  • Have access to curated news focused on changes coming your way, to turn potential threats into opportunities

What is the return on your investment?

  • Gain knowledge to help you find new ways to grow
  • Focus on the long-term, not the “right now”
  • Learn from and support your peers
  • Gain a competitive advantage by being future-focused
  • Complete those Important but not Urgent items that seem to always fall off your action items list

What is your investment for Your ROI Club?

  • Join a monthly facilitated call with your peers to discuss future-focused topics relevant to small business owners
  • Check in on your peers a few minutes a week through the private Small Together online community for accountability
  • Commit to 15 minutes a week of Important but not Urgent activity
  • Commit consistently each week and month by signing up for an annual subscription

Who is Your ROI Club for?

It’s for YOU – if you are

  • A small business owner with < 20 employees, or a solopreneur
  • Wearing all the hats, with no C-Suite of officers helping you
  • Running a revenue-producing business that is not a side gig
  • Struggling to find time to focus on strategic planning or growth
  • Looking for ways to grow your business

Meet Kelly Berry, your Future-Focused Business Guide

  head shot

I have worked with hundreds of small businesses and solopreneurs over the years, assisting them with marketing planning, marketing research, strategic planning, and business owner roundtable groups.  Every business is UNIQUE – and I LOVE a good start-up story! But, I see so many common issues across ALL TYPES of businesses!  And every business owner thinks these problems are theirs alone (which they’re not) and that they are alone in addressing them (which they don’t have to be!).

I have worked as a consultant, a market research specialist, a peer group facilitator, a trainer, a university professor and more – all in support of entrepreneurship.  And I am a trained futures-thinker with a focus on making YOUR business sustainable and successful.  After so many years working with small businesses, doing market research and focusing on the many shifts we are experiencing, I have become convinced that this path is exactly what I am meant to be doing right now.  It is my mission to help small business owners with limited time and funds to seek out new opportunities, become aware of potential new customers, and be create a valuable and sustainable business that is around for the long term.  

Hear what some of my clients have to say:

  • “I can honestly say that my business would not exist were it not for Kelly’s guidance and naturally supportive mentorship.” – Jim M.
  • “If you want to stop flying blind and start getting clarity about your market, hire Kelly.” – Justin V.
  • “Kelly is honest, dependable, and someone I can fully trust.  I will always look for ways to work with and partner with her.” – Elaine C.
  • “Kelly’s work equips me to spend the least amount of time taking in the bigger picture for my small business.” – Liz M.

Make an investment today in your future

 Charter Membership Filled – September 2023

Join the Wait List for the next cohort that begins meeting January 2024.  Limit 10 people.


 January 2024 Cohort Pricing:

Payment Terms Price
Monthly $150
Annually $1500


 Join Your ROI Club today to focus on your business future

Your ROI Club

Interested in joining Your ROI Club? Ready to make an investment in the future of your business?  See More Info below for more on what’s included with your subscription.  Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity for access to one-on-one future-focused planning time as part of Your ROI Club!


More Info

Ready to make the commitment to planning for a successful future? 

What’s included:

  • One 30-minute introductory call with Kelly when you join
  • Weekly 15-minute commitment to small tasks – with accountability from your cohort of peers
  • Monthly 90-minute facilitated Zoom calls, focused on topics relevant to growing your business
  • Ongoing goal setting with the peers in your cohort
  • Weekly Five for Friday Newsletter (and video) focused on signals of change for small business owners
  • Prompts and reminders to focus on 15 minutes a week of short term goal setting and completion
  • Access into the private Your ROI Club Community full of like-minded, future-focused business owners
    • Private group chat for your cohort
    • Opportunity to connect with others in other Your ROI Club cohorts
    • Ongoing tracking of your progress




/ person




/ person

Cancel at any time regardless of your commitment (monthly or annually)