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That’s the question I hear the most when I work with entrepreneurs of all sizes.  There is no one answer, and there are no easy answers.  But with a combination of research, experience and time, we can all find the answers we’re looking for.  Start by signing up here for my bi-weekly posts!

“Kelly’s background in market research and as a business advisor brings a unique and invaluable perspective to founders and company leaders. Her experience helping organizations understand their market has enabled many businesses to find a foothold and grow. I can honestly say that UpStream would not exist were it not for Kelly’s guidance and naturally supportive mentorship. She challenged me to dig deeper, learn more, and through that have the confidence to succeed. Kelly has been a high value advisor and I feel fortunate to have her in my corner.”

Jim McDougall

CEO & Founder, UpStreamAV, LLC

If you want to make wiser, smarter, and more profitable decisions, hire Kelly. If you want more certainty about whether you should launch that new product or service, hire Kelly. If you want to stop flying blind and start getting clarity about your market, hire Kelly. Seriously, you will not make a mistake by working with her. In fact, you’ll get high-fives from your team after the market intelligence you’ll gain from working with her. I can’t recommend her enough.

Justin Vajko

Principal & Chief Creative, Dialog Design Co

Kelly Berry and I have worked closely together to provide online learning opportunities for the Association for Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). Kelly’s depth of expertise on market research strategies applied to business decision models has provided our members with both enriched online interaction and exceptional content to apply and reference.

As a small business owner, I’ve especially benefited from Kelly’s workshops on business planning techniques as I apply them now and in future business development decision making. Kelly is an inspiring and insightful online teacher and facilitator and any one who works with her will benefit tremendously from her experience and enthusiasm for immediate and longer term business development and growth.

Liz McLean

Founder, Knowsaic

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