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That’s the question I hear the most when I work with entrepreneurs of all sizes.  There is no one answer, and there are no easy answers.  But with a combination of research, experience and time, we can all find the answers we’re looking for.  Start by signing up here for my bi-weekly posts!

I can honestly say that UpStream would not exist were it not for Kelly’s guidance and naturally supportive mentorship.

Jim McDougall

CEO & Founder, UpStreamAV, LLC

"If you want to stop flying blind and start getting clarity about your market, hire Kelly."

Justin Vajko

Principal & Chief Creative, Dialog Design Co

"Kelly is an inspiring and insightful online teacher and facilitator and any one who works with her will benefit tremendously."

Liz McLean

Founder, Knowsaic

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know Kelly. She’s honest, dependable, and someone I can fully trust.”

Elaine Coughlin

Manager, CoLab EC

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